About Us

About Shree Hari Enterprise

Being the most reputed and trusted distributor of Parle, we make sure that all their brilliant products reach each & every people of the country right when they need them. The only reason why we went for Parle is because of their dedication to innovation and quality. While they keep inventing something new every time, they also ensure that the taste and quality are not compromised in all the products. They have a massive Team of food scientists and experts who keep innovating new flavors as well as products. But that’s not all, their quality control team is also highly skilled and makes sure that every batch has the same quality and consistency manufactured in the most hygienic environment.

Right from our inception in 2015, we have been dealing with all kinds of Parle products, biscuits, garlic bread, and lots of other snacks loved by people all over the country. Located in Anand District Gujarat we hope to reach more and more retailers as well as other customers through this platform and help people get access to Parle products without any hassles.